• About US


    Lab360 is headquartered in Santa Clara California, one of the major cities that make up Silicon Valley, and home to companies such as Intel, NVIDIA, and Marvell. We are dedicated to supporting hardware startups seeking to improve users’ lives. Our current space has equipment for like-minded individuals to build and test prototypes. Lab360 further customizes resources and brings fundraising, manufacturing, scaling, and mentor resources.


    Lab360 is supported by Qihoo 360, one of the largest internet companies in China. Serving more than 700M active smart phone users, Qihoo 360 protects devices, networks, and user data with a security suite on PC and mobile. Qihoo 360 also offers safe browsers, China’s largest Android app store, and a popular search engine. Qihoo 360 is looking to extend safety beyond todays’ mobile devices and into the IoT era.